Friday, August 6, 2010

A post to complain.

So, I have been addicted to tumblr for some time now.
It's keeping me from bitching and moaning about the same shit over and over again on here.
However, I will recap what's been going on:
So after my car wreck and after my second quarter of school ended, I went to Plano to visit my dad.
'Twas pretty boring.

Then, school started back up again (oh joy unbounded) and I have a teacher whom I have dubbed Sir Assigns A Lot. BECAUSE THAT'S ALL HE DOES. HE GIVES US MORE AND MORE WORK.

The studio is pretty impossible to book, large format photography SUCKS, my portrait photography class is pointless and Hugh is still grading me unfairly (I had to ask him why I got a B on the last assignment. He looked at the photos again and declared I did, in fact, do the assignment correctly and replaced my B with an A. FUCK.). Digital retouching is kind of a pointless class to go to, but it's a lot of work outside of class. Srsly. We have a portfolio project, going on the whole eleven weeks, and we have to take photos pretty much every week based off of one concept. The concept I'm doing (pictured below) is oily wet people, using the studio at school. I need a black backdrop for this and OF COURSE the day before I had the studio booked to do some photos for this assignment, we ran out of the black paper. fml.

Perspective drawing is SO. MUCH. WORK. I feel kind of stupid in that class because I'm not very good at it (surprise! I thought I'd pwn it, but whatever). There's a girl in that class (who wasn't there the past two classes, so maybe she dropped it, I dunno) who is like a Lea Michele doppelgänger. It blew my mind when I first realized it, and now, what has been seen cannot be unseen.
There are some strange people in that class. One guy has a motor tick. He has been sitting next to me. I wouldn't be bothered by this if he didn't have the motor tick (he can't help it, I know, I'm a huge asshole what the fuck ever) and he shakes his head really quickly, like every five seconds. Last class, he sat next to me, to where if I looked at the instructor (who was a sub who WOULD NOT SHUT THE TRUCK UP, OH MY GOD), then I would see him shake his head over and over again. It got annoying really quickly.
And then, there's a really really strange nerdy guy who sat across from me last class and he doesn't shut up. At all. And he talks about pointless things that I don't want to hear about.
I also really hate the drafting lab (the room we use in perspective drawing, or the room interior design students use). Maybe because it's a night class (GOD I HATE NIGHT CLASSES), but there's something about it that I cannot stand. There are mats on the table that are this ugly pale greenish yellow that are rippled. They are supposed to be completely smooth and flat, but they aren't. That drives me up the wall. Our instructor was like, "LOL don't cut on the drafting tables because the mats on them are really expensive." and I thought, "Then why the FUCK are they all rippled?!"

Okay, here are some photos.

Oil series. Model: Marcela Pineda

My last portrait photog assignment. Model: Kristen Cammack (she's such a good model)

And lastly, just some fun with Marcela and her crazy false eyelashes.

Just gonna leave this here: