Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hilarious. Only not really. Okay sort of.

So, here is my story of my broken water faucet.

Earlier today, I was like, “Hmm, I think I want some ramen noodles.”

So, I put the dry noodles in a bowl, turned on the hot water to cover the noodles with it, and then, the knob for the hot water shot off and was like and the water started shooting out across the kitchen from the hole where the knob had been, soaking absolutely everything, including me. And in the process of going under the sink to turn the hot water off, I got even more soaked.
At first, I was like
but then I was like and after it was over and done with, I was like

PS Tumblr has turned me into a gif fiend.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Okay, really.

I know the, like, two people who read this blog don't want to hear me complain about my weight but

So, I had an entry a while back stating I was 129 pounds. I realized that the scale was off by plus six pounds (whew 124 lbs thank you jesus) but let me give you a sad story.
For my birthday, I got a pair of really really stretchy super soft the-most-comfortable-pants-I-have-ever-worn-in-the-history-of-pants high waisted, skinny jeans. BDG high waisted cigarette jean from Urban Outfitters if you're interested.
Anyway. My mom actually bought them a size too big so they're even more loose and I have to pull them up all the time, which is annoying, but it makes it that much more comfortable when I sit down. Needless to say, I wear them pretty much every day that I'm not wearing a dress or skirt.
Today, I was in my bedroom, lounging before my night class (that is so fucking boring oh my gawd) and I spied two pair of pants I used to wear all the time because they fit me like a glove. I decided that I would give my Amazing Pants a rest and wear those again because because I love them.
I COULDN'T EVEN GET ONE PAIR OVER MY HIPS. The other pair made me look like a ten pound sausage in a one pound casing.
I really need to lose, like, fifteen pounds in order to fit in all my clothes again D:
I mostly blame it on my mother for being unemployed and always being at home, so I can't do my normal workout (dancing pretty much the whole time she's gone).

I am actually really disappointed in myself that I just let myself go. I know that some people will be like, "Morgan, whatever, you're still small." But I'm not small for ME. Maybe for YOU but not for me and what I was a year ago.
My goal is to fit into my size zero pants again. (By the way, if someone who is reading this and thinks that a size zero is ridiculous, it's actually not when you're my height [five feet, three inches]. It doesn't look like a zero at my height.)

I really need to lay off the mayonnaise. BUT IT'S SO DELISHUS.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have been ignoring my blog.

I am tired of a lot of stuff including talking about it. Especially when I finally do talk about something and then someone has a problem with that.

And I am so sick of answering the same questions over and over again because people aren't listening the first two times I say something.

Answer redundancy answer.

Anyway, here are some photos from the past month or so. I don't remember exact dates, so... deal.

This is one of my good friends, Justin. He is a Harry Potter aficionado (but I would like to point out: that tie is mine. I bought it before I realized I am totally in Hufflepuff and not Gryffindor. RIP Cedric Diggory [which, by the way, was the number one trending topic on twitter the other day. Cedric Diggory, not RIP Cedric. Parenthesis is too long now stop it Morgan]). I took this set of photos the night of my accident, just a couple hours prior to it. I had a really good time taking these. He is currently in Harry Potter-a-go-go land, meaning, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, Florida. Come fall, he'll be moving to New York for school. I will miss him dearly.
Remember his face; he's going to be on Broadway some day.

This was also taken the night of my accident, just an hour and a half prior to it. I was driving from the Art Institute to Justin's house so we could watch the finale of Glee, which we had just missed because we were doing the photoshoot above. He took these with my camera (around ten o'clock). I think they turned out pretty swell.

My grandparents celebrated their anniversary (God, I cannot remember how many years. Fifty-five? Something like that). We went to River Oaks Country Club and my gran got a strawberry daiquiri. It would have been delicious had there been no alcohol in it.

I bought new makeup wipes, switching to an animal friendly brand called Yes To (I spoke about it in the past.. They have Yes To Carrots, Yes To Tomatoes and Yes To Cucumbers. The wipes are in the cucumber line). When I popped open the plastic cover, the sticker that covers the dispenser said this. And yes, I did smile.

My favorite cousin celebrated his twenty-fourth birthday a few weeks ago. This was the balloon my gran bought him. She's a big fan of balloons and cards. My cousin felt ridiculous taking it out to his car to take home. I have felt that same walk of embarrassment many a time.

A couple weeks ago, the sky was fucking beautiful for about three minutes. So glad my gran told me to go outside. At first I was like, "Ugh, what?" and then I saw the pink clouds. Serious cotton candy clouds, and you guys know how those are my favorite kind.

I posted a very small paragraph from something I'd been working on a while back. I wrote more and I love it. I have no idea where I'm going with it. And this is why it's been a little over a month since I've written for it; after my accident, I didn't want to do anything at all. And I still don't. I feel like I've been in the karmic shithouse for a while now, and unfortunately, it isn't a creative place for me at all.
That is all for now, maybe I will think of something later.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Because, Blogspot, that's where they keep TEH LULZ."

I get on tumblr and then I can't get off. I just had a five hour reblog-a-thon of Glee and Harry Potter. Um. Whoops.

the money

Miss Hitchens
: You’re a good kid, Aphasia. Why did you try to rob a bank?
Aphasia: Because, Miss Hitchens, that’s where they keep the money.

Glee - 1x11 ‘Hairography’