Monday, December 6, 2010

Come to the city and turn the lights back on

Hi, again.

Tumblr has been down for twenty-four hours. I'm dying a little bit. After getting a tumblr, I've realized how absolutely boring the internet is when not on tumblr.
So, I'm blogging here.

Not much is new, really.
Still going to school at the art institute and hating every second of it. I feel like each week is more and more week. I feel I will be dead by the end of my time there. It's awful. I'd like for a dream to come true, so I could just drop out and leave it behind forever and it wouldn't matter.
I watched a bootleg of American Idiot on broadway that has since then been taken down because it was illegal. However, it sparked something in me.
I'm missing acting and dancing now more than ever. There's a hole in me, now.
I want to get up to New York to see it live. I want to see it before Michael Esper (one of the leads) leaves. John Gallagher was my favorite in this show, but I was biased because he played the original Moritz in Spring Awakening. He was my default favorite, and then, after watching the bootleg twice and listening to the soundtrack repeatedly, Esper became my favorite. He's.. ugh, he's so good. I want to see it live because I hear stories on tumblr about how amazing he is in the show. It kills me that I don't live in NYC already and can just hop on over to see the show.

I have also been listening to John Gallagher's solo music. It's all live recordings because he doesn't have a record deal, but somehow, it's better this way. I feel like studio recordings strip what's real from songs. His songs are so raw and heartbreaking and honest. My favorite is definitely the song, Gone, Sorry. I was listening to the songs while doing homework one night and I wasn't really paying attention to the actual lyrics of any of the songs. And then finally, as the song was coming to a close, I heard the words, "Now I have you all my best, I'm afraid you'll have to steal the rest. Good luck finding where it went." I stopped what I was doing and started the song over and probably listened to it about five times. It's so. fucking. good. This isn't the same version I have recorded (the one I have is a bit slower [and a bit better.. some of the notes in the lyrics are a bit better and cleaner) but it's still amazing.

I had to take a story or lyrics of a song and tell it through pictures for my creative concepts class. I chose Gone, Sorry. Here are some of my pictures.